Pink Pencil Dress, Always A Choice

For a guaranteed success of your meetings and dates I highly recommend you wear this season’s trends. Today’s top of the list is the so called “pencil dress”. This type of dress is the best option for women with hourglass or pear body shape, however, designers tries to break this barrier through their exquisite designs. I can’t say these dresses are versatile, as I mostly think they are appropriate for a business outfit. However, as I lately saw, designers found away to adapt this style in their collections, so that you can also wear these dresses at cocktail parties and even when you go out for a lunch meeting. At first, the color that defined this type of dress was black, because its initial purpose, the office design, was meant to be sober. Now, things have changed, they appear in various colors, and they are all trendy.


My closet is full of pencil dresses, I have got many models but all of them seem very sober and I don’t feel like wearing them elsewhere but my office. This is why I was thinking to get a new dress, this time with a more feminine look, sexy and more casual.

I usually buy clothes on the Internet, is faster and cheaper this way, it is true that I can’t try them out, but I know my size and my body shape and that is more than enough in order to make such a purchase on the internet.

I buy them usually on the, since I really trust this website, I don’t get scammed and the shipping is impeccable.

My latest purchase was, as I mentioned before, a pencil dress, this time, I chose pink.

The time when I made the purchase I felt the need to be younger, to energize myself, to do something new, spontaneous. I think that is why I even chose a pink dress from the starting point, as I never had one.

This one is a dress made by Marciano and I absolutely love it. The nuance is pink hibiscus and it goes great with turquoise shoes, nude and black as well.

At first, I wasn’t very impressed by the dress’s round neck shape, but the V form on the back convinced me to buy it. It looks extremely sexy and nonconformist and adds a touch of mystery to the one wearing it.

The dress has a nice lace overlay and lace is a trend this season too. It is made of cotton and the material is great for the skin. I feel very comfortable, light and free wearing it. If you appropriately accessorize your dress, you can wear it in the evening too, at a cocktail party, at a restaurant dinner, at a great show. Which one you choose, the dress will do its magic.

I like its length and the fact that it is not transparent and being so simple is what makes it so perfect and chic.

It doesn’t have any sleeves, which means you can always wear it with a jacket, a bolero, and cardigan, whichever you feel like wearing or just as it is.

Is Pencil Dress A Party Option?

Before giving you the answer to the question, let me tell you something about dresses. Women wear dresses because they are very feminine, elegant, chic and sexy. Every dress in a woman’s closet has a background story and a pocketful of memories.

I was cleaning out my closet; since spring time is here I thought I should sort out all my clothes for this season.

 I came across a dress that has a sentimental value because wearing it got me the most valuable gift I could ever get, my husband’s admiration.

Black Pinup Deep V Neck Rockabilly Vintage Retro Pencil Party Women's Dress

I wore this dress in various occasions, but I remember a unique one. My husband is a very sober person, he doesn’t go out much and he also doesn’t care about fashion, clothes, accessories and stuff like these. He never seems to find the difference between a dress and a skirt and everything I wear is fine by him. It doesn’t sound awful, I know, but like every woman on this planet, I wanted to see in my husband’s eyes that he actually likes the way I dress and finds me sexy and unique.

Talking to my girl friends about this matter got me searching on for ideas and new clothes. I was stunned to see how many clothes I could buy because of the low cost and I found there a lot of models that looked a lot like the ones in malls, but the price was not the same. The Amazon products are a bit less expensive than the ones you find in stores.

Knowing this, I bought a beautiful black party dress and that’s a purchase to remember. We were supposed to go to a party, my husband and me, so this dress was perfect. Firstly, it is black and thus elegant, chic. It has a V neck which is perfect for my body shape, as I have a bit wide chest and I don’t seem to look good in a round shape neck. Because it is a pencil dress, it forms the shape of your silhouette, whether you are slim or not, you still look absolutely stunning wearing it. That was my initial thought, so I bought it. I didn’t show it to my husband, I waited for him to actually see me and follow his reaction. So, I did my hair, dressed up, chose a high heels pair of shoes, black, I took a broche out of my jewelries box, I put a sparkly pin on my hair and I was ready to face my husband.

The minute he saw me, he looked very confused, it was like he didn’t know what to say or he couldn’t find the right words to express his thoughts. I could easily see how he measured my body, head to toes, and I finally got what I wanted, thanks to this beautiful elegant party dress. He smiled at me and told me very sincere how good I look and so I realized that actually my husband wasn’t the issue, but my clothes were a bit too common. I had a great time wearing the dress at the party, I could easily move and dance, when I took a seat the dress remained impeccable straight, and I totally love it. The zipper in the back elongates your body shape and it also looks pretty attractive and sexy. This dress is a great choice for an evening party and for a wonderful time.

Trend: Pencil Dress

Pencil dress compliments best your body shape. Thanks to its minimalist design, it creates a sexy look, elegant, that catches everyone’s eyes, like a magnet. These dresses are a great advantage for women with a filiform body.

If you already have this item in your wardrobe, get ready to accessorize it properly for the season, as they are today’s trend. If you don’t have one just yet, you should include it on your must-have list starting today, because they are en vogue this spring time.

Designers like Carolina Herrera, Jason Wu, Jill Stuart and Lanvin have already proposed various pencil dresses, some colorful, some more sober, but they all have in common the same attribute: the sexy and permissive cut.

Although it has a versatile design and can be adapted in casual outfits, the pencil dress is best to be worn with high heels. The heels complete the whole idea of this concept. The straight lines create the illusion of height and perfect silhouette.

This type of dress defines best the office style. A skirt with the length above the knees offers a sober look, which is ideal for a business outfit. An arched jacket and a scarf complete the necessary image of an important meeting.

Of course, the body shape is the key in choosing this type of clothing. If you already know what type of body you have, then picking one just for you is very easy.

I buy all my dresses on, because their quality is great and they are not very expensive. Plus, I know well my body shape and I don’t have to try them on. All I need to know before buying a dress is what the new tendencies are, as I don’t want to look “overrated”.

Since the pencil dress is this springtime’s “star”, I went on to find such a dress and I was pleased to see the prices are still low on this item, thus, they are affordable yet.

Lindy Bop 'Wynona' Chic Vintage 1950's Secretary Style Black Pencil Wiggle Dress

I came across a dress made by Lindy Bop, which I absolutely love, the design is stunning. It gives you a vintage air and is the best option for an office look. This dress will look good on every curvy figure and the fabric is perfect for it. It is made of cotton and it is machine washable.

Although it seems it doesn’t give you much of freedom to move, that’s completely untrue, this dress is very comfortable and it doesn’t stretch when you’re sitting many hours in the same chair. It has a fine cut, an inset top light colored, a black belt that adds thinness to you body shape and it is long enough to look professionally good and sexy as well.

This dress works best with high heels, black ones, and a small size purse. Add few accessories, like a hand bracelet watch, a scarf and a pair of vintage sun glasses and voila! You will look as sober, sexy and professional as your boss.

I truly love this dress!

What type of Pencil Dress most suits me?

Finding a classy but fun pencil dress to wear can be a daunting task.  With all the different cuts, styles, colors, and patterns that are available, it can be hard to hone in on your style that suits you best.

Shopping for a pencil dress will help you on your venture to add class to your wardrobe.  The best part about showing off your new pencil dress is that it can be worn at the office and still look professional, and flaunted at social gatherings to put off your sex appeal.  Every woman should be armed with a pencil dress or two in hanging in their closet.
There isn’t a need to head out for a new dress in a panic because if you own a pencil dress you can also complement the dress with different pieces of jewelry.  Wearing flashy jewelry and heavy makeup would be the style to aim for in formals settings and light makeup with pastel costume jewelry can help you look brand new at a more laid back event or workplace.
Discovering the type of pencil dress style you want to wear may not always work with your body type.  One piece pencil dresses can be revealing to the less flattering areas of your body.  Don’t let that hold you back from looking beautiful.  Instead of drooling over how beautiful a dress might be and how you wish you could wear it, and then you are setting yourself up for a miserable shopping excursion.  Only scour the racks for pencil dresses that complement your body type.

Women's Glynn Mixed Jacquard Pencil Dress

Too many woman become distraut looking at clothing for runway model bodies.  If you don’t have that body then stay focused on your body and work with the material available to meet your needs.   You can save a lot of heart ache by adopting this principal.
Here’s the real trick when rocking a pencil dress.  Find colors that blend and do not show as much depth.  Pencil dresses have a lot of different styles and colors so choosing a cute one will help even out or balance out your body type.  If you are taller, a patterned pencil dress will help you look daintier, and a pattern with vertical stripes can give shorter woman a taller look.  However you choose to manipulate the style to get the look you are aiming for pencil dresses are the best choice to pursue.
Stretchy fabrics for pencil dresses are great for those moveable areas of the body while working in the office or dining. Look for pencil dresses that are highlighted with stretch satin, stretch lace, stretch illusion, or stretch mesh. These materials will give and stretch as you move without taking away from the design of the dress. Other popular materials are ultra-suede, velvet, and silk or silk blends and are very elegant looking and feel great.  Avoid fancy fabrics that are itchy, hot, or those that can tear easily. You’ll need a durable pencil dress that can easily flex when you are moving around or bending down.